Technical Research and Development

> Research & Development Strategies
With socialized resource allocation and interaction based on material and centered on users, Tanlon has driven the development in the field of new technologies through scientific and technological innovation and breakthroughs. The wiser and more flexible fiber will bring users more imaginary space.
> Applicable Industries
(1) Means of transportation
In the future, the public and personal means of transportation will continue to undergo rapid development. The clean energy and lightweight technologies adopted by the means of transportation will contribute to a cleaner earth. Through the interaction between fiber and other materials, decrease the weight of the means of transport, and decrease the unit energy consumption without weakening thesecurity.
(2) Intelligent Robot
Tanlon constantly strives to challenge the higher and more advanced robot protection technologies, provides the production and manufacturing industry with market leading products, and establishes firm partnership with vehicle manufacturers. At present, the company has several product patents. The main products include: automatic welding gunprotective cover, protection suit for cleaning robot, protection suit for dust prevention robot,protection suit for panting robot,protection suit for high temperature resistance robot, protection suit for carrying (stacking) robot, etc. The Company makes independence design according to the conditions of the target equipment and uses special textile materialswith high-temperature resistance, anti-static electricity, anti-corrosionand high strength properties for design and manufacturing.

> Intellectual Property
We emphasize innovation. We respect knowledge. We emphasize the protection ofintellectual property protection. We create new things and maintain the atmosphere to respect intellectual property together with customers.