Individual Protection

Tanlon Safeguarding Social Security:Tanlon understands that laborers are the key elements to generate productivity, whose life safety is therefore the cornerstone of a highly efficient and smooth running modern society. Tanlon considers laborers’ safety as its top social responsibility and contributes whatever it can to maintain social security in the fields like fire protection and military police.
Tanlon Building Safe Working Environment:Tanlon understands that working safely with dignity is the most basic demand for laborers and for no one to neglect. Tanlon provides special protective gears for firefighters, military officers, and those in petrochemical and power lines to be protected from fire and electric arc risks.
Tanlon Ensuring Product Safety:Bearing in mind quality being the foremost factor for protective gears, Tanlon, knowing that your safety is strictly dependent on our products, ensures each and every piece to be produced with mature technology and be tested fully while endeavors to research and develop personal protective solutions with more comfort and varieties to meet market demands.
Tanlon Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Solutions: Tanlon®fiber, yarn and fabric with high temperature and flame resistance properties; ;
KingCamel® knitted protective clothing with comfort and prevention property. Through the cooperation with industry and authorities, Tanlon has designed and offered new personal protective equipment solutions to protect the security of professionals and devoted itself to helping, changing and improving the entire world.

  • Military Police

  • Fire Protection

  • Petrochemical Industry

  • Electricity

  • Steel

  • Means of Transport