Flue-Gas Filtration

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Tanlon, every year, supplies for, more than 200 industries and mining, essential fiber materials capable of high temperature resistance, flue gas filtration and de-dusting to prevent and reduce dust discharges into the blue sky.

Creating a clean natural environment:

Air and water being the most essential factors for human survival,Tanlon is committed to create a clean and safe environment by providing advanced fiber materials for the industrial community to filter flue gas and dust, which is widely applicable in industries e.g. cement and iron production, road constructions etc.

Keeping track of the industry’s benign development:

With bag de-dusting industry undergoing a strong momentum, Tanlon, as a material supplier, is committed to foster and safeguard its long term benign development by co-working with processing manufacturers and end-users to seek vertical industrial coalitions and horizontal positioning differentiation.

Fulfilling product responsibility:

With fiber material being the foundation for industrial progress, Tanlon is committed to advance and upgrade the material industry by collaborating and integrating with peers to provide differentiated high performance material and offer applicable solutions for innovation and development needs.

Tanlon Green Environmental Protection (GEP) Solutions:
CP series products used for cement kiln head and kiln tail:CP30,CP100,CP150,CP500
ST series products used for steel blast furnace gas: ST30
AF series products used for asphalt mixing: AF100