Development History

PSA is the first original high-performance fiber independently developed in China by three generations of researchers of the Textile Science Research Institute and the Synthetic Fiber Research Institute subordinate to Shanghai Textile Group through 30 years of great efforts.“To make Chinese high temperature resistance fiber well established in the world” is the common wish of every member of Tanlon.

In 1973, Shanghai Textile Science Research Institute creatively introduced double benzan rings and sulfuryl structure into the macromolecular structure;
In the 1980’s, the project team undertook the science and technology key projects of the“Sixth Five-Year Plan” and the “Seventh Five-Year Plan” of China and constructed the trial production line of polymer fiber;
In the report submitted by the Chinese Academy of Engineering to the State Council in 2000, there was a special review of PSA: the PSA independently developed by China has outstanding high temperature resistance and has already been used in auxiliary products for military use and environmental protection and filtering materials, so it is advisable to concentrate manpower and material resources on the expansion of its production;
In 2002,Shanghai Textile Holding (Group) Corporation integrated superior resources, carried out industry-university-research cooperation and completed the development of key technologies of kiloton level PSA industrialization project;
In March 2006, Shanghai Textile Holding (Group) Corporation established a wholly-owned subsidiary, i.e. Shanghai Tanlon Fiber Co., Ltd., which, as the operating entity of PSA industrialization project, built the first-stage PAS fiber production line with annual output of 1,000 tons in the Spark Development Zone in Fengxian District, Shanghai;
In October 2007, the PAS fiber production line with annual output of 1,000 tons was successfully completed and started its trial production.