Protective Fabric

Soft Power –(Knitting) Protection from Tanlon Technologies


> Knitting Protection
  With tender touch and the power of both heat and fire, it features outstanding elasticity and air retention, highly variable texture and structure, and good wearing comfort. Combining the soft touch and the high temperature resistance of PSA, it creates the new space for the application of individual protection of knitting.
  By selecting Tanlon and other high-performance materials and adopting various processing techniques like weft knitting, warp knitting andstitch knitting and optimized design of organization and structure, the product has obtained outstanding fire-proofing and heat-insulating safety performance as well as great comfort and sports performance.
Head Protection:
The head protection is most important. Once harmed, it is hard to recover. The comfortable, safe and environmentally friendly Tanlon headgear knitted fabric has stable and permanent flame-retardant effect. It is environmentally friendly withoutformaldehyde and features closed-fit, sweat-absorbent and comfortable feelings. It has passed the fire protection and environmental protection standard tests like GA10, EN471, NFPA1971, OK-TEX and TEACH.

Products: Headgear (for fire protection, industrial use and high-end civil use)
Knitted Underwear:
Protecting a large area of the body, keeping warm and beingclosed-fit, the comfortable knitted garment of Tanlon, combined with the machine woven product, reached the perfect balance between protection and comfort.It is flame retardant and heat insulatingsafe and soft armor.

Products: underwear/glove/cuff/sock (for military use and industrial use)
> Normal Protection Scheme
Fire Fighting Series TPF Fire Fighting TPF Tanlon-PFF Fire fighting Firefighting surface layer Dark blue Meet GA10 requirements on firefighting fabric
Tanlon-PFI Insulation Insulating interlayer White More comfortable, safer, lighter
Tanlon-PFK Knitting Knitting, comfort Natural color Close-fitting, safe and comfortable* also used for industrial protection
Tanlon-PFX X fighting High-end fighting Khaki High-end firefighting fabric meeting higher standard requirements
Emergency Rescue TPR Emergency Rescue TPR Tanlon-PR Rescue   Orange Bright color, best choice for rescue
Frock Protection TPT Frock Protection TPT Tanlon-PTI Industrial Protection Industrial protection Blackish green Widely used in industrial protection field
Tanlon-PTP Petrochemical Petrochemical protection Wine red Low cost, high requirements* also used for emergency rescue
Tanlon-PTX X protection High-end protection Light tan Woolen texture
Promotion Products TPP Promotion Products TPP Tanlon-PPC Colorful series Colorful protection   More colors, meet individual requirements
Tanlon-PPN Nap comfortable Comfortablegalling Brown Abundant texture, meet special clothing requirements
Tanlon-PPF Fluorescence Fluorescent effect Bright yellow Specialfluorescent color