Home Safety

FireKirin® has innovatively integrated Tanlon®the high performance fiber “uniquely made in China”, into home products to offer full daily care and protection to lives and properties. The product and appearance design represents “the Eastern charm and the China Love”, adopting traditional Chinese mascot graphic patterns and signs. Different types of products are made with Chinese embroidery and Qipao processing skills as well as digital printing techniques. The products have passed all SGS and BTTG performance test standards. By far, FireKirin has developed four product lines, separately“love in kitchen, travel in car, outdoor recreation and happy living”, including totally more than 30 kinds of products like “apron, microwave oven and baking oven gloves, pot and cup mat for kitchen use; cushion, blanket, mattress, bed sheet and slippers for home use; cushions and neck protecting pillowfor vehicle use; tent, lawn mat, hat, BBQ gloves for outdoor use”. No matter resting at home or travelling outdoor, dining or sleeping, “FireKirin” provides everyone 24-hour care and protection.

These products are water and oil repellant and smudge proof, no water permeated during the use and oil staining removable. If an oil pan is on fire, simply cover it with a FireKirin® apron to cut off air so as to prevent fire and its spreading. FireKirin® gloves, lightweight and heat proof, can be used to hold hot pots and bowls at 100-250oC and roast food on fire directly.

These products are perfect for home use. Just open the back zipper or velcro, take out a quilt and a small pillow, and enjoy a nice rest in warmth. In case of an accidental fire in the room, immediately cover the fire source with the quilt to cut off air and prevent fire from spreading. Should the fire be uncontrollable, wrap yourself with the quilt together with the attached head cover and mouth mask to isolate from smog and heat and escape in time with enough physical strength and a lucid mind.

Featuring being “environment friendly, easy to carry and safe and reliable”, this product, thermal and flame resistant, ensures no leak of ash and cigarette butts in it dying out quickly. It is convenient to use during travels, on vehicles and be carried with you in your pocket all the time you like. It can serve as a change money pouch as well.